Claudia Näser, "Landscapes of Desire: Tourists, Touts and Sexual Encounters at the World Heritage Site of Thebes", in: Global Heritage – Worlds Apart? . The Cultural Production, Appropriation and Consumption of Archaeological Heritage Spaces in Northern Africa and the Middle East, Archaeologies: Journal of the World Archaeological Congress, 9/3 (Dec 2013), 398–426


Cultural tourism capitalises on archaeological sites with World Heritage status on a global scale. The encounters of visitors from all over the world with local residents and other stakeholder groups, like local and international entrepreneurs, set off complex processes of interaction in which the physical and social space of the heritage site is negotiated, shaped and consumed. In a case study from Luxor/Egypt, this paper investigates a particular facet of these interactions, namely sexual encounters between tourists and members of the local community. It delineates the economic and social conditions of this phenomenon and discusses the role it takes in the production, perception and use of the World Heritage site of Thebes.

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