Conference Report


Trends in Recent Research on Simplicius
Davide Del Forno
Le fragment 51 Des Places (P 28 Kroll) des Oracles Chaldaïques selon les interprétations de Proclus et de Simplicius
Philippe Hoffmann
Damascius' Theory of Space / Place (topos)
Gerd van Riel
Why does Simplicius have problems with Damascius' Theory of Time
Carlos Steel
What is a corollarium? The case of Ioannes Philoponus
Ioannis Papachristou
The Place of the De motu in Aristotle's Physics
Andrea Falcon
Sceptics and Neoplatonists on Space / Place (topos) - Continuities and Discontinuities
Christoph Helmig
The Case for Incorporeal Matter in Plotinus and Simplicius
Christopher Noble