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Empires and their languages
Reinier Salverda
Language contact and language change in Egypt and Southwest Asia
Frank Kammerzell
"After having translated these deeds, I explained to the Greeks the god's and the ruler's power". Some observations on multilingualism in Graeco-Roman Egypt
Alexandra von Lieven
Another view of Listenwissenschaften
Irving Finkel
Preliminary observations on newly edited Early Dynastic lists
Gebhard Selz
On some pecularities of Middle Assyrian bilingual compositions
Klaus Wagensonner
Was stellen keilschriftliche Listen dar? Zur Funktion schriftlicher Repräsentationen im Kontext multilingualer epistemischer Praktiken im antiken Mesopotamien
Markus Hilgert
Multilingualism in Neo-Elamite and Achaemenid times
Jan Tavernier
Wandering motifs, multilingualism and transcultural influences: Magic spells and incantations from India, Iran and Central Asia to Asia Minor, Egypt and Greece
Velizar Sadowski
Multilingualism and classical heritage in Italian Quattrocento: The Hebrew-Latin evidence
Giulio Busi
Loan-translation vs. Loanword: On the influence of Latin and French on Medieval German
Kurt Gärtner
The Arabic Qur'an - Many laguages (?)
Michael Marx
Multilingualism and lingua franca in the ancient Chinese world
William G. Boltz
Aspects of multilingualism in Turfan as seen in Manichaean texts
Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst
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What language does God speak?
Florentina Badalanova Geller